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Mission Statement

Understanding the basic fundamentals to hitting and pitching can be made into a difficult task. Here at Staton Sports our focus it to teach and maintain the simplicity in "FUNDAMENTALS". As one may not know Hitting can be very complex because you're trying to use a round object to make contact with another round object. With pitching, on the other hand, trying to locate your pitches to be more effective is a learning process that can be learned here at Staton Sports.

Our staff is dedicated to delivering the most productive product around and that does not mean some mechanical nonsense learned in books. Our staff has over twenty years of Professional Baseball game playing experience combined. As you have read in the introductory paragraph there is a key word in quotations that is very important in the development of your child. The message is simple: Keep everything fun and teach all players the importance of mental discipline. Our staff has experienced this at the professional level and will precisely guide you through the process. At Staton Sports we will teach all players. However, we will not neglect to teach some of skills that we think are important.


  • Vision
  • Hand position
  • Timing
  • Balance
  • Point of Contact
  • Extension through the hitting zone


  • Plan
  • Posture
  • Mechanics
  • Balance
  • Release Point
  • Strike Zone Awareness

We want to exhibit a product that is easily transferable to the diamond without taking from our kids natural ability. Too many times there are so called hitting and pitching guru's that want to immediately tear a kid down mechanically before helping him/her understand mentally. We believe here at Staton Sports that it is imperative to let the kid maintain their naturalness and build from there. A kid is born with all the talent they will ever have in their life, the task will be helping them maximize their talent. My staff and I believe that we have the knowledge to help propel your child to the next stage in their development both mentally and physically.

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